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King's Barrel E-Liquid by E-Generation Review

Hey I put up a new juice review last night of King's Barrel from E-Generation. The bottom line is I really like their juices in fact out of the four juices I reviewed only one is going into the PIF box for giveaways and I'm keeping the other three. That being said this was a sucky juice review from the perspective of providing you any real information as to what flavors I was getting from their juices. I just don't know all I could really tell you is if I like them or not. I know I suck at juice reviews but vendors keep asking me to review their juices and at least some of you like to watch and hear what I have to say about them. So I'll leave it up to you all as to continue doing juice reviews. I humbly apologize for doing such a crappy job of doing juice reviews.
One of the top 2 lines E-Generation sent me four of their 6 E-Liquids from their King's Barrel line to review.

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