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E-Juice, E-liquid, Nicquid my trials and tribulations

E-juice, E-liquid, Nicquid.
What ever you call it I cover my trials and tribulations with the liquid stuff.
How do you find something you like to vape?
Thousand upon thousands of flavors???
Stick e-cig cartridges and those ridiculous number of cigarette packs or cartons they say they equal or maybe the number of puffs.
Cost is a rip.
How to maybe deal with e-juice you have that you don't like or that maybe is to strong.
Nicotine levels...
As always if you would like me to cover something just leave a comment.

Also at the end when i was dealing with the ratio of 2 to 1 which would be a total of 3 combined you would only add 3 not six of the cutting agent to equal a total of 6.